Client Minikem Goodwood Pharmacy
Consultant: N/A
Comments  Switching to Vexall is the best decision I ever made!

Client: Symphony Pharmacy
Consultant Western Cape On-Site Support
Comments: The support from on-site is amazing. Don't stop what you're doing.  

Client: Kleinmond Pharmacy
Consultant: Western Cape On-Site Support
Comments: Turnaround time from on-site is less than a day, compared to at least a week from the previous supplier.

Client: Galleon Pharmacy 
Consultant: Reneilwe Maitja
Comments: Happy with Vexall service!  

Client: Cape Care Pharmacy 
Consultant: JP Kemertgoglou 
Comments: Thank you for the great Service! 

Client: Medi-Quick Pharmacy
Consultant: Lebogang Thobejane
Comments: Such a friendly and helpful consultant.  

Client: Pharma Kem
Consultant: Cindy Ndvlovu
Comments: Much appreciated for stunning service! 

Client: Amapondo Pharmacy
Consultant: Kyle Moodley
Comments: The technician knows his job so well . Service meet expectation!    

Client: Sparkport Group
Consultant: Peter Bartheil
Comments: Excellent Service. 

Client: Ackermans Pharmacy
Consultant: Diana Dass
Comments: I am new to the industry and Diana always goes the extra mile and never gets impatient with me and all my questions.
Ict service provider
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